Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Leon "Specks" Murty

Leon "Specks" Murty was born in Wild Rose June 12, 1910 the son of Robert and Ella (Phillips) Murty. He died January 18, 1981 and is buried in Oakhill Cemetery in Wild Rose. He married Helen Blasé June 12, 1936 in Crown Point, Indiana.

Specks was elected sheriff of Waushara County at a time when there were term limits for Sheriff. He could run for Sheriff and the next election his wife Helen would run for Sheriff and he served as deputy. Specks & Helen served as sheriff from 1949 to 1956. Specks was a deputy sheriff and involved in arresting Ed Gein for the murder of Bernice Worden in November 1957. Murty also served as village marshal in Wild Rose.

Specks lived in the house at 612 Dewey Avenue in Wild Rose that had been his father, Robert Murty's house. He was known for his hunting as well as being a good pitcher in his younger days. Specks made models of a steam engine (Advance Rumley) and a covered wagon (prairie schooner) which he donated to the Wild Rose Historical Society which are on display in the Carriage House when the museum is open in the summer.

The picture was taken in the early 1920's. Notice the height of the snow banks. The Legion Hall is in the background.


Orkideh & Jeff said...

That is so great to read that he and his wife would run term and term together.

bogus bill said...

Thanks for that picture of specks. His wife helen was my secound cousin. I was raised in the store at auroaville in the early 40s. Mom oleta bruhn/werch owned it. Merril Werch