Sunday, November 25, 2007

John Paul Jones, Band Director

John Paul Jones was born August 3, 1910 in Monroe County to William E and Alma Jones. In 1920, they were living in Sparta. He had a sister, Dorothy and a brother, Weston. John Paul Jones was the musical director for Wautoma beginning in the fall of 1931. By 1933 he was also directing the Wild Rose Musical program. By 1935 his program in Wild Rose had 35 in the senior band, 24 in junior band, 60 in the girls three part chorus and 8 in a mixed a cappella chorus. In addition to the schools he also directed the Waushara County male chorus, lead the Mt. Morris Lutheran Church Choir in a radio performance on WLBL, and had a part in the play "Henry's Wedding" in Wautoma. He left Waushara County for Portage in the fall of 1935. Later he lived in the Milwaukee area and worked for Allis Chambers. He was married to Louise Roeth and they had three children: Ellyn, Stephen and Owen. John Paul Jones died in February of 1984 in Sun City, Arizona.

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