Tuesday, November 20, 2007

John Lowe Family

This picture of most of the John Lowe family was taken after 1887. From left to right seated: John Lowe born in Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, Wales 1841-1907, Margaret 1877-1943, wife of Fred Clark, Elizabeth (Lizzie) born Tredegar, Monmouth, Wales 1868-1934, wife of Dave Charles Evans, Hannah 1869-1907, wife of Evan H. Owens, George 1871-1934. Standing: John P. Lowe 1875-1922, William (Willie) 1880-1943, Emma 1884-1938, wife of Floyd Favel, Thomas, 1873-1915, Mary Jane born in Monmouth 1864-1942, wife of John I Owens, Susanna 1878-1949, wife of Claude Sprague, Miriam 1882-1949, wife of Edward Murchie. The family came to Wild Rose sometime after the birth of Elizabeth and before the birth of Hannah.

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