Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dr & Mrs Addison Guernsey of Almond

Dr Addison Wilson Guernsey was a physician and surgeon who lived in Almond but made professional visits to the Wild Rose area. Dr. Guernsey was born in New York State September 10, 1828. He was a son of Dr. Jonathan Guernsey. In 1850 he was living at home with Dr. Guernsey and wife Hannah in Guilford, Chenago County, New York. Dr. Guernsey died 3 March 1907 in Almond. He married Charlotte (probably with a surname of Morgan) in 1854. They had two children: Cora L who married F. J. Frost and Edna H. Charlotte was born in September of 1860. Charlotte died 12 May 1905. Their second daughter Edna died 10 January 1874 at the age of 3 years 11 months and 6 days.

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SB said...

These were my great grandmothers (on my mothers side) aunt and uncle.

Cora L Guernsey and Carrie Adelia Guernsey were first cousins.

Carrie married Willard H. Rice in 27 Apr 1886 and moved to Burke, VA.

My grandmother, Charlotte Rice, spent summers in Belmont, MA with Cora Guernsey and Fred Frost.