Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daughters of Elling& Tomine Nelson

Daughters of Elling (Elick) & Tomine (Minnie) Nelson. Left to right Emma Nelson Booth (Fred) 1885-1983, Anne Nelson Songe (Karl Ingwald) 1891-1985, Lelah Nelson Sorenson (Ole B) 1888-1968. They attended the Progressive School which is now part of the Wild Rose Museum. The school was located on what was called Swamp Road which was off Highway 22 to the east in of the Town of Wautoma.


Jay P. said...

Hi! I wondered if you might have any more information on Emma? And, specifically, her husband Fred's family lineage? I'm related through marriage on my father's mother's side of the family tree. I'm trying to find more about Fred's lineage. Thanks!

Nichole Reepsdorf said...

Hey jay,
Fred and Emma are my great great grandparents. Their son Merritt, married my great gramma Gladys. Would love to chat about lineage. Fred was one of 9 children.