Friday, November 9, 2007

Chet & Vinnie Jenks

Chester Arthur Jenks was born March 3, 1884 to John Almon Jenks and Mary (Smith) Jenks. He married Vinnie Stevens, daughter of Theodore Witzel Stevens and Nettie (Palmer) Stevens, November 28, 1907. He died August 8, 1956. Vinnie was born December 1, 1886 and she died May 13, 1949. They had two children Lola and Carl. Chet had various jobs as a painter, salesman, farmer as well as running an ice cream store on Main Street that had Carver's Ice Cream. The shop was located at about 425 Main St. I remember going to ice cream parlor. They had vanilla, chocolate and neapolitan flavors and a 4th that routed between chocolate ripple, maple nut or peach. Chet also told me that I would get curly hair if I ate chocolate ice cream. It never happened.

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