Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dr & Mrs Addison Guernsey of Almond

Dr Addison Wilson Guernsey was a physician and surgeon who lived in Almond but made professional visits to the Wild Rose area. Dr. Guernsey was born in New York State September 10, 1828. He was a son of Dr. Jonathan Guernsey. In 1850 he was living at home with Dr. Guernsey and wife Hannah in Guilford, Chenago County, New York. Dr. Guernsey died 3 March 1907 in Almond. He married Charlotte (probably with a surname of Morgan) in 1854. They had two children: Cora L who married F. J. Frost and Edna H. Charlotte was born in September of 1860. Charlotte died 12 May 1905. Their second daughter Edna died 10 January 1874 at the age of 3 years 11 months and 6 days.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chain O Lakes School

Chain O'Lakes School in the early 1900's (Probably 1902). Front row: Milford Jenks. Sarah Le Page, Mable Hansel, Nina Shipley, Charlotte Combs, Josie Korleski, McKinley Jenks, Leo Jenks, Harold Ware, Arthur Knutson, Alfred Anderson, Charley Jeffers. Middle Row: Edwin Ware. Lorena Foss, Herman Bade, Irma Jenks, Sadie Jones, Evan J Evans, Myron Foss, Otto Shipley, Alice Jenks. Back row: Chester Hansel, Herbert Foss, Merriam Jeffers, Allen Jones, Effie Jones, Chester Jenks, Teacher- Lizzie Jones, Ruth Jones, Nina Jenks, Norma Jeffers, Myrtle Le Page, Gertie Davis, Floyd Jeffers.

Effie Naomi Jeffers was born October 26, 1867 in the Town of Wautoma, the daughter of William Jeffers Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Van Marter. She married Isaac Smith, son of William & Elizabeth Smith October 20, 1889. She died December 24, 1948 in the house adjacent to Mt. Pleasant Cemetery on Highway 22. They had six children: Durward, Sadie, Bertha Adele, Ethel, Eunice & Dorothy.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

John Paul Jones, Band Director

John Paul Jones was born August 3, 1910 in Monroe County to William E and Alma Jones. In 1920, they were living in Sparta. He had a sister, Dorothy and a brother, Weston. John Paul Jones was the musical director for Wautoma beginning in the fall of 1931. By 1933 he was also directing the Wild Rose Musical program. By 1935 his program in Wild Rose had 35 in the senior band, 24 in junior band, 60 in the girls three part chorus and 8 in a mixed a cappella chorus. In addition to the schools he also directed the Waushara County male chorus, lead the Mt. Morris Lutheran Church Choir in a radio performance on WLBL, and had a part in the play "Henry's Wedding" in Wautoma. He left Waushara County for Portage in the fall of 1935. Later he lived in the Milwaukee area and worked for Allis Chambers. He was married to Louise Roeth and they had three children: Ellyn, Stephen and Owen. John Paul Jones died in February of 1984 in Sun City, Arizona.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wild Rose Inter-Class Basketball Championships

The picture shows the winners of the Inter-Class Basketball Championships for Wild Rose. Both champions were members of the class of 1926. The boys won for 1924 and the girls won for 1925. Back row: David Roberts, Harry Witt, Arnold Patterson, Ruth Bahlert, teacher. Front Row: Donald Larsen, Howard Erickson, Edwin Davis, Sam Davies, Ted Long, Esther Evans Kosburgh, Minetta Melcher, Bernita Peterson Gaylord, Estelle Korleski Brewer, Joyce Attoe Bartel.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

John Lowe Family

This picture of most of the John Lowe family was taken after 1887. From left to right seated: John Lowe born in Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, Wales 1841-1907, Margaret 1877-1943, wife of Fred Clark, Elizabeth (Lizzie) born Tredegar, Monmouth, Wales 1868-1934, wife of Dave Charles Evans, Hannah 1869-1907, wife of Evan H. Owens, George 1871-1934. Standing: John P. Lowe 1875-1922, William (Willie) 1880-1943, Emma 1884-1938, wife of Floyd Favel, Thomas, 1873-1915, Mary Jane born in Monmouth 1864-1942, wife of John I Owens, Susanna 1878-1949, wife of Claude Sprague, Miriam 1882-1949, wife of Edward Murchie. The family came to Wild Rose sometime after the birth of Elizabeth and before the birth of Hannah.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wild Rose Girls Softball Team 1934

Wild Rose Girls Softball Team 1934

Back Row: Elizabeth Williams Newmann, Myrna Johnson Barr, Crystal Nelson Straw, Stella Frater Renner, Norma Topping Wyss, Margaret Davies Radley , Brydine Nelson Clark, Mary Backes Mays, Beulah Handrich Rebernik and Gladys Moldenhauer Marks.

Front Row: Jeannette Korleski Schauer, Hannah Owens Johannes, Margaret Apps Gutche, Mary Jones Hartwig, Vera Wargula Hollman, Emily Popek Hoyt, Viola Jenks Westover, Beatrice Merryfield Decker and Dorothy Roberts Parker.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Robert T Henry & James "Jeff" Murty

Robert Tyler Henry and James "Jeff" Murty married Thomas sisters. Robert Henry was born 21 August 1856 in Brattleboro, VT. He died 30, June 1928 in Merrill, WI. He married Emily Ann Thomas, daughter of William J Thomas and his wife Mary Elizabeth Williams on 9 September 1885 at the residence of Love Hughes in Chicago. He worked as a mason & plasterer in Wild Rose. They had 5 children, Guy, Carson, Ira, Otis plus one who died young.

James "Jeff" Murty was born 22 June 1860 in the Town of Mt. Morris and was a twin of Robert Murty. Michael and Eliza (Blow) Murty were his parents. Jeff died 24 August 1936 in the Town of Rose. He married Maggie Thomas, daughter of William J and Mary Elizabeth (Williams) Thomas were the on 29 April 1888 in Wautoma. Jeff was a farmer and he and his brother owned an early threshing machine. Jeff and Maggie were the parents of Rodney, Maty, Florence, Leo, Esther, Alice and a baby that died young.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Wild Rose Standalone Church

The Standalone Church began in Rose, Wayne County, New York. They lived in District Number 11 in Rose. They built a school because they didn't want to attend the Griswold or Covell schools. Robert Jeffers (1769-1844) donated the land. The school was referred to as the "Spunk" school or the "Jeffers" school. The church was held in the school. In New York, the group was often referred to as the "Neversweats". Rose Neighborhood Sketches by Alfred S Roe says the term came about because they had long meetings that went long into the night, sometimes nearly until morning. They could go to these long meetings (services) and get up to work and never tire. There was no church organization .

Many of this group left New York for Wild Rose and the Church in Wild Rose went by the Standalones. One meaning of this reflected the lack of outside organization but also their creed that they stood alone before God at judgment. By the time the pictures were taken most of the older members had died off. Common surnames of members were Jeffers, Jenks, Bailey, Pease, Woodward, Dale, Page, Darling and Woodward.

The church building was located partly where the first row to the south of the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is today. The building itself was bought by Ike Smith, who owned the farm next to the cemetery, and moved the the farm to be used as a farm building. Ike Smith's wife Effie was a daughter of William Jeffers, Jr. and grand-daughter of William Jeffers, who owned the land she inherited as well as donated the land for the Cemetery. The cemetery was originally called Standalone but later the cemetery association changed it because they thought "Standalone" was too cold.

Standalone Church Members - Picture 3

Back Row: 1. Henry Clark, 2. Herman Wade, 3. Emil Hansel, 4. John Bailey, 5. Herman Hansel.

2nd Row Seated: 1. William Henry Jenks, 2. J. Watson Page. 3. Eunice Hill, 4. Alice Dale, 5. Henry Woodward, 6. Ella Woodward, 7. Susan Dale.

Front Row Seated: 1. Elizabeth Jeffers, 2. Alice Jeffers Jenks, 3. Etta Darling, 4. Jennie Jenks, 5. Alanson Pease Etheridge, 6. Fannie Etheridge, 7. Jessie Dale, 8. Sarah Moore Woodward, 9. John Butler Woodward.

Standalone Church Members - Picture 2

Back row: 1. Thomas Dale, 2. Freemont Jeffers, 3. Theodore Woodward, 4. Jerry Pierce, 5. Charles Bailey, 6. Fred Jenks.

2nd Row Seated: 1. Nancy Hart, 2. Tom Hart, 3. Amanda Larson, 4. Daniel Woodward, 5. Jim Jeffers, 6. Wendell Woodward, 7. John Nelson Pease, 8. Mrs. Pease, 9. Myrtie Swett Darling.

Front Row Seated: 1. Clarence Jenks, 2. Stella Page, 3. Susan Jeffers, 4. Annie Dale, 5. Lizzie Hatcliffe, 6. Lucy Hatcliffe, 7. John Jenks, 8. Edna Jenks, 9. Mary Jenks, 10. Lewis Jenks.

Seated on Ground: 1. Clara Woodward, 2. Flora Woodward.

Standalone Church Members - Picture 1

Back Row: 1. Philo Darling, 2. George Jenks, 3. Billy J. Hursh, 4. John H. Jeffers, 5. Oren Jenks, 6. Isaac Woodward, 7. Lorenzo Dow Jeffers, 8. Josiah Etheridge.

2nd Row Seated: 1. John R. Jeffers, 2. David D. Davis, 3. Mrs. David D. Davis, 4. Phoebe Jeffers, 5. Mary Etheridge Jenks.

Front Row Seated: 1. Martha Darling, 2. Clara Swett Hart, 3. Polly Jeffers Jenks, 4. Permelia Pease Etheridge, 5. Mrs. John Davies, 6. Tammie Jenks Woodward, 7. Sarah Davies, 8. Mary Davies.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Josiah Etheridge attend St Michael’s Church in Bishops Cleeve before he came to Wisconsin. Not only did Josiah come to Wisconsin but also his brothers John, Cornelius and Benjamin. Benjamin settled in Janesville. John came to Wild Rose. Cornelius lived in Wild Rose some of the time but he was also in Pennsylvania, Washington State and Idaho where he died. The Etheridge family lived in the small hamlet of Woodmancote in Gloucestershire, England. Josiah came in 1848.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wild Rose Football Team 1928

Wild Rose Football Team from 1928

Front row: George Roberts, Alden Attoe, Dodie Davies, Fred McCormick, Clark McCormick, Stanley Popek & Howard Merryfield.

Back row: Principal Butts, John Hoaglin, Dick Hanson, Bob Duley, Ray Nelson, Alfred Jenks & Donald Evans.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wild Rose Presbyterian Sunday School Class

Wild Rose Presbyterian Church Sunday School about 1910. Teacher: Mrs. Robert Davies (Maggie Bob) Back row: Olive Jones McQuaid,Orval Davies, Della Davies Moss, Ada Lowe Bemis, Edith Williams Jones. Middle row: Marvin Jones, Meredith Owens, Margaret Hannah Clayton, Priscilla Owens Counsell. Front row: Sidnie Davies Mundy, Mrs. R. A. Davies, David Clayton

Daughters of Elling& Tomine Nelson

Daughters of Elling (Elick) & Tomine (Minnie) Nelson. Left to right Emma Nelson Booth (Fred) 1885-1983, Anne Nelson Songe (Karl Ingwald) 1891-1985, Lelah Nelson Sorenson (Ole B) 1888-1968. They attended the Progressive School which is now part of the Wild Rose Museum. The school was located on what was called Swamp Road which was off Highway 22 to the east in of the Town of Wautoma.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Chet & Vinnie Jenks

Chester Arthur Jenks was born March 3, 1884 to John Almon Jenks and Mary (Smith) Jenks. He married Vinnie Stevens, daughter of Theodore Witzel Stevens and Nettie (Palmer) Stevens, November 28, 1907. He died August 8, 1956. Vinnie was born December 1, 1886 and she died May 13, 1949. They had two children Lola and Carl. Chet had various jobs as a painter, salesman, farmer as well as running an ice cream store on Main Street that had Carver's Ice Cream. The shop was located at about 425 Main St. I remember going to ice cream parlor. They had vanilla, chocolate and neapolitan flavors and a 4th that routed between chocolate ripple, maple nut or peach. Chet also told me that I would get curly hair if I ate chocolate ice cream. It never happened.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Swede Herlin's Band

Swede Herlin's band was from the Wild Rose-Mt Morris Area. They are Victor Fritz on banjo, Ada Anderson on piano, Carl Brownlow on Sax, Norman Anderson on clarinet, Franz "Swede" Herlin on drums, Ellif Anderson on coronet, and Russell Anderson on trombone. The picture had to have been taken before March of 1931 because Ada Anderson died from pneumonia with complications in March of 1931. The Anderson's are my aunt and uncles.

Wild Rose Soldiers & Tuscania Sinking

The Tuscania left Hoboken, New Jersey on January 24, 1918. It was transporting American Soldiers overseas when it was torpedoed about 6PM on February 5, 1918. They were off the Irish coast. About 55 Waushara County soldiers were the last off the ship because their lifeboats had been wrecked and they had to wait for a destroyer to pick them up. The news did not reach Waushara County until the morning of February 7th. It took until Feb. 11th for all survivors to be reported.

Three soldiers from Waushara County were killed: Russell F Bennett, Plainfield; Alcide Carollo, Lohrville; and Frank Sharpe, Redgranite. The survivors from Wild Rose were: Miles Colligan, Earl N. Campbell, Lewis Hanson, John M. Inda, Joseph Inda, Miner J Johnson, Ellery J Patterson, Ingwald Sorensen and John Z Swendrzynski.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Alanson Pease Etheridge House

This house of Alanson Etheridge was originally a barn that he remodeled. It was located at what would have been 720 Maple Avenue in Wild Rose. The house was torn down and later Ed Heuer built in the same area. Alanson Pease Etheridge, son of Josiah Etheridge and his wife Nancy Permelia Pease, was born 25 September 1853 in the Town of Rose, Waushara County Wisconsin. He married Emma Louisa Spicer, daughter of John Spicer and Lurinda Jeffers, 15 November 1874 by Rev Burnap of the Standalone Church. Alanson and Emma had the following children: May Belle, Jesse Irving, Hubert, Milford George, Edith, Blanche Irene, Glenn Harry, and Gladys Lorinda. I am descended from Josiah & Nancy Permelia, through Alanson and Emma and then their daughter Blanche.

Alanson died 16 January 1944 and Emma died 13 April 1923. Both are buried in the Standalone Cemetery whose name was later changed to Mt. Pleasant. The cemetery is located in the town of Rose.

The picture shows Alanson's wife Emma Spicer Etheridge, Evelyn Roth, May Etheridge Roth holding son Jacob Roth. It was taken about 1911.

Leon "Specks" Murty

Leon "Specks" Murty was born in Wild Rose June 12, 1910 the son of Robert and Ella (Phillips) Murty. He died January 18, 1981 and is buried in Oakhill Cemetery in Wild Rose. He married Helen Blasé June 12, 1936 in Crown Point, Indiana.

Specks was elected sheriff of Waushara County at a time when there were term limits for Sheriff. He could run for Sheriff and the next election his wife Helen would run for Sheriff and he served as deputy. Specks & Helen served as sheriff from 1949 to 1956. Specks was a deputy sheriff and involved in arresting Ed Gein for the murder of Bernice Worden in November 1957. Murty also served as village marshal in Wild Rose.

Specks lived in the house at 612 Dewey Avenue in Wild Rose that had been his father, Robert Murty's house. He was known for his hunting as well as being a good pitcher in his younger days. Specks made models of a steam engine (Advance Rumley) and a covered wagon (prairie schooner) which he donated to the Wild Rose Historical Society which are on display in the Carriage House when the museum is open in the summer.

The picture was taken in the early 1920's. Notice the height of the snow banks. The Legion Hall is in the background.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ellick Charleson Family

The Ellick Charleson Family. The picture was taken before February of 1895. Back row: Inger (Mrs Richard Ryerson) (11 March 1867- 21 November 1933) , Knute(3 January 1865-6 August 1909), Tomina (Mrs. Ellick Nelson) (30 May 1856-25 March 1913), & Sever (9 March 1873-3 March 1907). Middle row: Henry (17 August 1877- before August 1958), Ellick, the father, born 1834 in Sondeled, Norway died March 1899, Ingeborg Torjesdatter, the mother,( born 27 June 1838 in Holt, Norway - died 6 April 1922), Maren (Mrs Anton Holt)(22 May 1869-7 March 1946) , Thomas (27 December 1862-26 February 1895). Front row: Theodore ( 2 September 1879-25 October 1960) and Louisa (Mrs. Halbert Anderson) 11-August 1875- 2 December 1950). Ingebor Charleson came to this country in 1853 from Norway and settled here while it was still Indian Country. Mrs Charleson was a survivor as 7 of her 12 children preceded her in death. She was also called Emma. Her husband was also referred to as Alec or Aleck. They attended the Holden Mt Morris Lutheran Church. I am a descendant of Louisa, Mrs Halbert Anderson.

Wild Rose 1917 Girls High School Basketball Team

The Wild Rose Girls basketball team from 1917 played neighboring villages. The team was undefeated for 3 years. Can you imagine playing basketball with a head scarf and tie? The coach & principal was married to Carol Smart, the daughter Charles Smart and Sidnie Hughes. Left to right: Front row: Amy Etheridge Kaminski, Carol Roberts Kileen, Ethel Smith. Back row: Della Davies Moss, Harry Merritt, Principal, Jennie Johnson Thomas.

Christie Daughters

Front Row: Addie Christie, wife of Duncan MacLennan, Janet Johnston Christie 1828-1905, wife of John Christie, Clara Christie 1860-1936, wife of Larry McNelty. Back row: Jennie Clark 1853-1945, wife of George Clark, Margaret (or Maggie) Christie 1855-1934 wife of Urben Briggs, and Mary Christie 1857-1935, wife of Joseph Campbell. Janet's obituary says she was from Falkland, Scotland. Her husband was born in Newburgh, Fifeshire, Scotland. They came to the United States in the early 1850's. These women are all buried in the Howes Corner Cemetery in the Town of Mt. Morris.

Wild Rose Class of 1935

The Wild Rose High School class of 1935 taken when they were juniors. Back row: Lottie Martin Menger, Elizabeth Dopp Rasmussen, Nila Huffman Chappa, Doris Lowe Eller, Sadie Attoe Sleik, Dorothy Barden Madison, Jean Dopp Leathers, Dorothy Roberts Parker, Byrdine Nelson Clark, Beatrice Merryfield Decker, Adeline Smith Moldenhauer, Aredes Nelson Bradbury. Front row: Roy Klusinski, Jay Smith, Donald Davies, Carl Zuege, Andrew Stukola, Norbert Zick and George Klusinski.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

November 3, 2007

This blog will be about genealogy and history in the Wild Rose, Wisconsin area. That area consists of the Towns of Rose, Springwater, Mt. Morris, and Wautoma in Waushara County. It also includes the Town of Belmont in Portage County and the Town of Dayton in Waupaca County.

All of my most recent ancestors settled in Waushara County in the Wild Rose area. They came from the states of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. The immigrants came from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Norway and France.

My Jeffers and Pease ancestors came from Rose, New York which is in Wayne County. Wild Rose is named after Rose, New York but since it was Indian Country, they called it Wild Rose. Some of the other families from Rose, New York included Jenks and Stewarts.

Wild Rose has had three people from the earlier times that you should know about. William J. Knights was one of the three founding members of the Gideons International that was organized July 1, 1899. Mr. Knights suggested the name "Gideons" for the organization after prayer. He was a salesman and later an insurance agent for Central Life. He spent the majority of his life in Wild Rose. He is buried in the Oakhill Cemetery in the Village of Wild Rose.

You probably know about the second man who was the model for the music instrument salesman who taught the people to play. James Ward Jeffers was from Wild Rose. He was usually called Ward or J. Ward Jeffers. His grandfather, Samuel Jeffers was an early settler. Ward wasn't nearly as colorful as the movie made him but he did sell the instruments and taught children and parents how to play them. His wife was not blond.

The last person, I mention today is a lady who was one of the three women elected to the Wisconsin Assembly in 1924. That is 4 years after woman got the right to vote. Hellen Merrifield was a teacher and principal in Wild Rose. She married L S Brooks from Coloma so when she ran for the Assembly her name was Hellen Merrifield Brooks.

The amazing thing about her election was that she had no primary opponent. The district was always very Republican and she ran as a Republican. She had the support of the Waushara Argus. She had three major groups that supported her. She had support from those in the education area since she had taught in a number of places. She was very active for the Red Cross during World War I. She raised money from an area not just Coloma. Her third group was the W C T U (or the Women's Christian Temperance Union) who favored prohibition.

After the primary but before the election, Hellen's husband was injured in an accident and died from the injuries. There was no foul play involved. Hellen served the district well in 1925. The legislature was not in session in 1926 so she went to New York to meet some of her deceased husband's relatives. She met Edward Shay and lived him enough to marry him and move to New York. The Waushara Argus urged her to run for reelection even after she had remarried. I am sure she would have been reelected if she had run.