Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pone Trunk

This trunk belonged to the Pone family from Riga, Latvia.  They were displace persons during WWII. They were living in Germany when they left Latvia when the Russia pushed out the Germans. A church in Adams sponsored the family to come to the US but there was no housing available in Adams so they went to Wild Rose in August of 1950.  Dr  Janis Pone had to do his internship over to practice medicine. His wife and three boys were in Wild Rose.  She worked at the hospital.  Gundaris went to school at the Central State Teacher's College (now UW-Stevens Point). He was a talented violinist and his mother Elza often accompanied him even for college events.  Leon Deering used to drive his model A  car so Gundaris earned money by donations at events.   Gundaris got his PHD in Music from Minnesota. Gundaris was a Professor at SUNY at New Platz, NY. He was a concert violinist, a conductor and composer. In 1982 he won the Kennedy Center Friedheim 1st place award. He started the Pone' Ensemble.  Ervin the second son got a scholarship to go to Kansas and study electrical engineering.  The third son was Janis but he became John as did his father. The family moved to Minneapolis when Dr Pone could practice.  Mrs Pone was the organist at the biggest Latvian church in Minneapolis.  The trunk is in the Wild Rose Historical Museum.  

Sunday, October 14, 2018

John R Jeffers & wife Mary Jane Bromaglin

John R Jeffers was born Sept 25, 1842 in  St Louis, MO to Samuel Jeffers and to his wife Harriet Robinson. The family moved to the Town of Wautoma in 1850.  He enlisted in  Oct. 21, 1861 in Co. A  of  the 16th Wisconsin Infantry and mustered out in Nov. 22, 1862.  He married Mary Jane Bromaglin on Sept. 15, 1863. They had ten children, three who died in infancy. The surviving children were: Harriet, John Henry, Mae, James Ward, Mabel, Maud, and Frank. John was a farmer and later built a house in Wild Rose on Main St on the Wautoma side of where the original Methodist church was.  John died on March 27, 1823 in Chicago where is daughter Maud was living. He is buried in Mt Pleasant. Mary was born Feb 16, 1848 in Delevan, WI  to Franklin Bromaglin and Sarah Taplin. Mary Jane died May 20, 1922.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Caersalem Chuch in Springwater, Waushara County

This was one of  number of Welsh churches in the Wild Rose area.  Notice the horse barns on the right. 

Wild Rose, WI Mill on a puzzle

The Puzzle is in Pioneer Hall which is one of six buildings along with a smoke house in the Museum.

Winder in Wild Rose Museum

This winder was made by Josiah Etheridge who came from Woodmancote, near Bishops Cleeve, England.  The winder measure how much yarn you have and is so important if you want both sleeves of a sweater.

Wild Rose Quilt & Norwegian Trunk in the Weaving room

People did squares for the quilt about their family of things like the Caersalem church. The trunk belonged to Thor Lovdahl from Holt, Norway who was part of the West Holden Church.

General Store in Wild Rose Museum

The basket could have been used to pick berries or eggs. The crate is for eggs.