Sunday, March 17, 2019

Margretta Roberts has millinery shop across from Dr Wilcox Offic

Dr Wilcox had the house on the millpond side of
Main St and River St. Today the house is red.
Margretta had her shop in the part of Vintage
Gardens that was not the bowling alley.

Bradley sold new Hotel to Younglove Nov. 1900

E A Dake builds an addition to the Jewelry store 1905

Kelly had a jewelry store on Front St Wild Rose 1901

Esther Murty Colligan, Maggie Thomas Murty, Carol Colligan, Shirley Murty Colligan.

A 4 generation picture

Shirley Murty Colligan and relatives

Back: Shirley Murty Colligan, Rodney Murty. Front:
Maty Murty, Alice Murty Simonson, and Leslie Ansorge
husband of Beverly Murty Anderson Ansorge. Shirley 
is a cousin of Beverly and a niece of the other Murtys.

James Colligan Obituary dead 1904