Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beverly Murty & Melvin Anderson

Beverly Murty was born in the Town of Rose 91 years ago to Rodney Murty and his wife Blanche Etheridge. Rodney delivered Beverly when Dr Fisher couldn't get there in time because of muddy roads. Melvin Anderson was born April 16, 1918 in the Town of Mt Morris to Halbert Anderson and his wife Louisa Charleson. Melvin attended the University of Wisconsin until he enlisted in the Army on Devember 14, 1942.  He served for the duration of the war.  At the time he was 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighted 126 pounds.  They married August 20, 1944 at the Wild Rose Methodist Church.  Melvin sold insurance in Wild Rose and later worked for Crane Plumbing Co. first as a salesman and then a plant manager.  Beverly first taught at the White River one room school near Wautoma. She also taught at Lac du Flambeau on the Indian Reservation and in Phelps. The majority of her teaching was in Stevens Point beginning in 1959.  She moved from the classroom to the library.  She received a Master's Degree in Library Science.  They were divorced. Melvin died April 24, 1975.  Beverly lives in Stevens Point.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Eliza Blow Murty's Pension Application

Michael Murty's pension records are the only place that show a record of his marriage to Eliza Blow. Michael was Catholic and Eliza was Presbyterian so naturally they were married by a Justice of the Peace. Michael managed to give less than the required amount of infomation on his homestead records.

Anna Johanna Halverson Anderson's Pension Application

This is part of the pension application of my great-grandmother, Anna Johanna Halverson Anderson. This is one of the pieces of information that helped correct misinformation that one of her sons gave at the time of her death. Thank goodness it was not my grandfather who gave the information. Her death certificate said her maiden name was Olson and her father's Christian name was unknown. That of course is also a major clue that her son might not have known what he was taking about. He also said she was from Christiana (now Oslo) which also was incorrect. She was from Lier in Buskerud, Norway.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

John Almon Jenks Family in 1919

John Almon Jenks will be honored in the Cemetery Walk at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, just outside Wild Rose, south on Highway 22. This picture was taken on John's 66th birthday and family reunion June 27, 1919. Back row: James Milford Jenks, Chester Arthur Jenks, Henry McKinley Jenks, Louis Almon Jenks, Alton Otis Jenks, John Leo Jenks. Front row: (Women with married names but all maiden names are Jenks) Alice Elizabeth Etheridge, Nina May Gabrilska, 2. Jackson, 3. Fritz, Mary Smith Jenks, John Almon Jenks, Edna Louisa Davies and Irma E Walsh. A majority of the sons went by their middle name.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Samuel Jeffers

Samuel Jeffers will be one of the people we honor with the Cemetery Walk on June 6th in Wild Rose Wisconsin. Sam was one of the earlier settlers in the Wild Rose area. He came in the spring of 1850 from Rose, Wayne County, New York. They took the Erie Canal and Great Lakes and then over land in a covered wagon pulled by oxen. He was the son of Robert Jeffers and his wife Christiana Foote. He was born October 5, 1797 In New York state.

Glenn Murty and Friends

Glenn Murty and the story of why he did not eat fowl will be one of the stories told in the Wild Rose Cemetery walk at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Mt Pleasant was originally called the Standalone Cemetery after the religious group who moved from Rose, Wayne County, New York to Wild Rose, Waushara County, Wisconsin. This is a picture when the chickens were his friends. The Cemetery walk will be June 6th from 1:00PM to 4:00 PM. The cemetery walk is done by the Wild Rose Historical Society and there will be a $5 fee charged to raise money for the Wild Rose Historical and upkeep on our Pioneer Museum and its six buildings.

Maurice Anderson

Maurice Carleton Anderson was born November 14, 1911 to Halbert Anderson and his wife Louisa Charleson. He enlisted in World War II in Milwaukee on June 23, 1942. He was described as five feet seven inches and 125 pounds. Some of his military service was in Japan. He marrie Marjorie Hesness April 6, 1946. They had two sons Roger and Dale. Maury lived in Wild Rose for a time and worked for the creamery. He later worked for the Waushara County Highway Department. He was on the road crew and worked on roads and highway signs. He was a good singer and part of the Anderson Brothers quartet who often sang for funerals. He also sang in church choir.