Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maty Murty

Maty Murty was born January 18, 1895 on a day colder than blazes in the Town of Rose. She was the daughter of James "Jeff" Murty and Maggie Thomas Murty. She was delivered by Dr Carey and midwife, Mrs Ben (Mary) Swett. She graduated from Wild Rose High School in 1913. She first attended school at the Brownlow School in the Town of Mt. Morris. She was a teacher and over her 43 year career she taught in the following Waushara County schools: Rice, Hartford, Colebrook, Webb, Chain O'Lakes, Poy Sippi. She taught 3 years at the progressive school that is part of the Wild Rose Museum. She had 22 students in Progressive one room school with grades 1 through 8. She also taught in Minnesota. She went to summer school for years and years. She lived in a house without electricity in those years so she studied by the kerosene lamp. She also had goats. I remember her promising me that I could ride Senator Whitehead when I got older. I never got to ride her and I expect my mother probably said there was no way I could ever ride a goat. She died in Wild Rose July 15 1996 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Wild Rose. Many of you may remember her driving her old car that frequently broke down. She may have lived so long because she had to walk home so often when the car was sick. She was my great aunt. This picture was probably her high school graduation picture.