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Josiah & Nancy Permelia Pease Etheridge

Josiah Etheridge was born January 31, 1829 in Woodmancote, Gloucestershire, England to Benjamin Etheridge and Mary Boulton Etheridge. He came to the United States in 1848 and settled in the Town of Wautoma when it was part of Marquette County and listed as Indianlands. He married Nancy Permelia Pease who was born September 14, 1836 in Rose, Wayne County, New York. Her parents were Alanson Pease and Nancy Jeffers Pease. Because her mother was also named Nancy, she was known as Permelia. Josiah and Permelia lived in a house on Highway A west of Wild Rose in the Town of Rose. They had four children: Alanson Pease Etheridge who married Emma Spicer, Mary Etheridge who married Oren Jenks, Benjamin who died at 5 months and Fannie Etheridge who married Jerry C Pierce. Permelia died June 29, 1912 and Josiah died January 12, 1922. They are both buried in Wild Rose Union Cemetery.

Jesse Ettheridge & Maud Jeffers Wild Rose Times

This picture is from 1907. Jesse Irving Etheridge, Maud Jeffers and the printer of the Wild Rose Times. Jesse Etheridge bought the Wild Rose Times from I R Nash who was the editor from 1903-1907. Jesse was born June 26, 1881 in Wild Rose, the son of Alanson Pease Etheridge and Emma Spicer Etheridge. He married Irma Gautchi September 5, 1915 in Washburn, Wisconsin. Jesse later became a county agenct and died in Oconto, Wisconsin September 10, 1961. Maud Jeffers, the daughter of John Robert Jeffers and his wife Mary Jane Bromaghin, was born in Wild Rose October 24, 1886. She married Alvin Goellen December 30, 1908 and died February 17, 1939.

William J Thomas House

This picture was taken before 1890 of the house located at N5677 17th Dr in the Town of Rose. The house was originally built by William J Thomas and his wife Mary Elizabeth Williams Thomas. William came from the Town of Steuben in Oneida County, New York. He was born February 12, 1828 in the Town of Steuben, Oneida New York. He was working as a stone cutter in Quincy, Massachusetts when he met his wife Mary Elizabeth Williams. They married in the fall of 1852. They had five daughters: Mary Pickering, Emily Henry, Jennie Sherman, Abby Evans and Maggie Murty.

The picture shows Frank Pickering (1882-1964) by the fence, his mother Mary Thomas Pickering William Thomas, Harry Pickering (1880-1956) on the fence, Robert Henry (1856-1928) behind the fence and Benson Sherman on the big rock. The woman in the doorway is probably Jennie Thomas Sherman and the lady on the horse is probably Maggie Thomas Murty.

Rev. Daniel Thomas Family

Rev. Daniel Thomas Family. From the left: John Thomas, Rev. Daniel Thomas, Annie Thomas Davies, Jane Rogers Thomas and Harry Thomas. Rev. Daniel Thomas was the minister for Churches named Zoar, Nebo and Caersalem. Zoar & Nebo were in the Town of Rose and Caersalem was in Springwater. All of them were Welsh Presbyterian Churches and the services and records were all in Welsh. Rev. Thomas was born Devcember 12, 1840 in Ohio to John Thomas and his wife Margaret Evans both from Cardiganshire, Wales. Daniel married Jane Rogers, daughter of Henry and Jane Rogers, December 20, 1875 in Oakhill, Ohio. Jane was born in Ohio, February 25, 1846 and died November 29, 1915. Daniel died February 16, 1913. Annie marrried James Davies. John became a minister and Harry was a railroad conductor.

Tom Stewart's Family

Thomas Stewart was born March 4, 1848 in Rose, Wayne County, New York to Solomon and Sally Ann Stewart. He married Margaret Maria Jenks on August 28, 1869 in Waushara County, Wisconsin. She was the daughter of John Tower Jenks and Polly Jane Jeffers. She was also born in Rose, Wayne County, New York on January 27, 1850. They had five children: William Stewart (November 14, 1870-March 5, 1899); Ina Leona (April 23, 1876-July 24, 1964) married John Coombs; Irvin Stewart (September 7, 1874-June 1, 1875) Arthur Garfield Stewart (May 14,1881-July 18, 1953) and Benjamin Harrison (May 5, 1888-April 2, 1941). Tom was a farmer in the Town of Rose. He served in Co. F of the 35th Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War. Thomas died April 3, 1903. Maria died January 3, 1927. Maria ans son Ben last lived at 470 River St. in Wild Rose, WI.

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Michael Murty's Funeral

Michael Murty's Funeral Card

Michael Murty was born in 1819 in Ireland and died in the Town of Mt. Morris, Waushara County, Wisconsin.