Sunday, February 22, 2009

Part of the Wild Rose Class of 1913

This is part of the Wild Rose High School Class of 1913. Left to Right. Back row: Maty Murty, Juanita Williams Smith, Hazel Ann Jones Somers. Front row: Arthur Williams, Dan Jenkins, Henry Keppler, Heber Clayton. Daniel Dopp and Erich Zick who are not present were also part of this class.

Wild Rose Class of 1914

Wild Rose High School Class of 1914. Left to right. Back row: Lenore Protheroe Huffman, Olive Radley Johnson, Dorothy Dopp Tiedjens, Esther Lowe Ellickson, Estella Hughes Schaeffer. Middle row: Leon Deering, Earl Towne, Daniel Jones, Howard Jones. Front row: Gladys Etheridge Leininger. Olive Evans Wickett, Olga Zick Wartema.

Wild Rose Methodist Church Sunday School

This is the Wild Rose Methodist Church Sunday School class probably in the 1927-1928 time period. The teacher is Zilpha Davis (1901-1992). Her car, in the background, is a Model T Ford with side curtains. The Methodist Church was located at 625 Main St. The building on the right was 620 Main Street. Mary Thomas lived there. The building on the left was Oliver Hansel's barn. The children were left to right: Joyce Larsen LaBrot, Margaret Apps Gutche, Virginia Jenks Westover, Bernice Woodward Bechard, Norbert Milliken, Bruce McCormick, Nora Huffman Hoffman, Beverly Murty Anderson Ansorge, Mary Attoe Luedtke.

The 1930-31 Wild Rose Track Team

The 1930-31 Wild Rose High School Track Team. Left to right: Front row: Glenn Murty, Herbert Hahn, Kenneth Merryfield, Wilson Barr, Donald Davies, Gordon Merryfield. Back row: Kenneth Davies, Bernard Davies, Steve Burton, Myron Davies.

Robert Murty

Robert Murty was the son of Michael Murty and Eliza Blow. He was one of seven children. He had a twin brother James who was also called Jeff. The twins were born June 22 1860 in the Town of Mt. Morris. Robert died June 3, 1934. Robert married Ella Phllips, daughter of John and Ann McLaughlin Murty in 1895. Robert & Ella had 9 children. In the early years Robert and James had an early threshing machine. Robert owned the Wild Rose mill around 1900 for a short time. He was also a carpenter.

Children of Ole T Hanson

This picture was taken about 1881-1882. They are Lena Hanson, Herman E Hanson and George T Hanson. They are children of Ole T Hanson (July 26. 1845-March 8, 1903) and Sara Serena Simonson (January 23, 1852-March 31, 1934). Lena was born 4 November 1873 in the Town of Mt. Morris. George was born 29 May 1877. Herman Edwin Hanson was born 10 November 1879. Herman's wife was Ursie Jewell Lane (June 17, 1886-November 24, 1918). She died of flu during the epidemic during WWI. They were married 25 March 1907 in Fond du Lac. She was the daughter of
Joseph and Susan Lane. They had two daughters: Beth Doris Hanson Burge and Caroline Hanson Garrison. Herman's second wife was Margaret Etta Bowen (December 4,1883-October 2, 1977), daughter of David and Mary Davies Bowen. They were married August 3,1932. Herman had the Standard Oil station at 420 Main Street.