Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wild Rose Basketball Team 1935-36

This is the Wild Rose Basketball team from 1935-36. Back row: Leo Kaminski, Samuel Williams, Donald Stewart, Gordon Caves and Donald "Red" Colligan. Front row: Warren "Beans" Patterson, Bruce McCormick, Robinson "Rob" Williams, and Calvin Woodward. It is obvious that the picture was taken in the spring because of the leaves on the tree.

Wild Rose Faculty Play 1938

Back in the 1930's, not only were there class plays but there were also faculty only plays in Wild Rose. Standing" Elmer Hougum, Gladys Fosnot and Lois Bonson. Seated: Carl Handke, William Godson, Dorothy Harvey (later Williams) and Marlene Nelson.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wild Rose Christmas Program 1951

We used to have school Christmas Programs and this picture is from Wild Rose in 1951. The Jingle bells girls are the 1st and 2nd graders. Their outfits were made by the mothers without patterns so you will notice different necklines. They were made out of red cheesecloth and had silver trim. From left to right: Carla Christie Casper, Louise Leuthold Williams, Cathy Bowen, Pam Anderson, Rosemary Cook Bartel, Carol Colligan Marquard, Judy Patterson McKenzie, Sharon Thompson Gauno, Karen Pilz Cartwright and Kay Williams Williams. Mr. Schreiner was the music director and Lillian Attoe (later Senn) was the accompanist. The lady in the front in the bathrobe is probably Rosalie Smith.

Wild Rose Horeb Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church in the early years. This is a picture of the of the Horeb Presbyterian Church in Wild Rose at 501 Jackson St. You will notice that there are no other buildings around it other than the outhouse on the right side of the picture and the trees are small.