Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rev. Daniel Thomas Family

Rev. Daniel Thomas Family. From the left: John Thomas, Rev. Daniel Thomas, Annie Thomas Davies, Jane Rogers Thomas and Harry Thomas. Rev. Daniel Thomas was the minister for Churches named Zoar, Nebo and Caersalem. Zoar & Nebo were in the Town of Rose and Caersalem was in Springwater. All of them were Welsh Presbyterian Churches and the services and records were all in Welsh. Rev. Thomas was born Devcember 12, 1840 in Ohio to John Thomas and his wife Margaret Evans both from Cardiganshire, Wales. Daniel married Jane Rogers, daughter of Henry and Jane Rogers, December 20, 1875 in Oakhill, Ohio. Jane was born in Ohio, February 25, 1846 and died November 29, 1915. Daniel died February 16, 1913. Annie marrried James Davies. John became a minister and Harry was a railroad conductor.

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Hughes ap Williams said...

I remember the Welsh Baptist Churches in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania in the 1950s. My grandmother only spoke Welsh until she was about 16 when she got a job as a house maid in an English house.