Monday, July 7, 2008

William Arden Murty

William Arden Murty was born August 22, 1897 to Robert Murty and Ella Phillips. He died April 21, 1904. Even though his first name was William, he was called Arden. His father Robert owned the Wild Rose mill on two different occasions. Robert was running the mill before Arden was born. In May of 1900 he sold the mill to Ellery Hart and then he bought it back in February of 1901. There was a newspaper report that Mrs. Robert Murty rescued her son by pulling him out of the millpond. The son had to have been Arden because he was the only one who could walk or craw at that time. While you won't remember Arden, you are very likely to know one of his siblings: Mildred Murty Darling, Maude Murty Harvey, Robert Stanley "Johnny" Murty, Cecil Murty, Isabel Murty Steaffens, Leon "Specks" Murty, Bernard "Bun" Murty, and Ardis Murty Greener. The picture was taken in Waupaca about 1898.

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