Monday, July 7, 2008

Treasurer Hunters Play 1917-1918 Wild Rose WI

This is the cast of the Treasure Hunters in 1917-18 in Wild Rose. Back row: Irwin Clayton, Roland Roberts, John Roberts, Arden Nelson, Franz (Swede) Herlin, Mary Humphrey, Monroe Radley. 4th Row; Clyde Protheroe as Senor Somebody, and sailors Harley Corning, Norman (Bud) Herlin, Lyle Stewart. 3rd Row Miss Newsom (Teacher), Claude Dake- English Dandy, Ira Jones, Miss Keene (Teacher) as Flakey gal, Meredith Owens - Naval officer, Pearl Pierce Dopp as a spinster, Lilah Bertrand Urban, Jennie Johnson Thomas, Orval Davies. 2nd row: Enid Jones Nurnberger, Edith Williams Jones, Gladys Williams Gallagher, Sidni Davies Mundy, Zilpha Davis, Lilah Smith Wilson, Keith Behrens. Front row: Clement Hotz, Leonard Sprague, Donald Larsen, Chester Korleski, Lyle Radloff, Charles Korleski, Harlowe (Ted) Long, Kermit Clark and Arnold Patterson. Some of the boys in the front row were in the class of 1926.

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