Monday, July 7, 2008

Lelah Larsen Knights

Lelah Larsen Knights was born December 8, 1889 to James Larsen and his wife Amanda Pierce. She married Williams J Knights on November 14, 1923. She was an organist for the Methodist Church in Wild Rose for many years and taught Sunday school. She was an active member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Her husband was a co-founder of the Gideon and she attended many Gideon events. She was a nurses aid at the hospital for many years. Lelah was a talented quilter. She designed and made a quilt known as the World Peace quilt. It was 92 inches by 78 inches and featured the statue "Christ of the Andes" in the center of the quilt. The statute is on a mountain top between Bolivia and Chile. She made many quilters over the years. She was also known for the gathering she had for children in December. She had them put out her manager scene with the youngest child placing Jesus in the manager, followed by singing Christmas carols along with Christmas cookies. She died May 14, 1964. She is buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

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terr said...

I have an album of photos from c1850 to c1880 of Knights, Smarts, Dopps and others from New York, Maine, and Wisconsin. It is at You might want to look at it.
Terry Smart