Monday, May 11, 2009

Orilla Jeffer Hursh & Joseph Hursh

Orilla Jeffers daughter of William & Phebe Wiley Jeffers born March 9, 1815. Orilla died March 12, 1872. Married Joseph Hursh. Joseph was born ca. 1810 and died October 4, 1892. Had three sons, William James Hursh, Chauncy Hursh and James Hursh. They moved from Galen, Wayne County, New York to Waushara County, Wisconsin.


matt_o said...

Thanks Pam. That's a great picture!!!
Matt Osterlund

Kathy H. said...

It is stunning to know very little about your own families history, when at a click of a mouse you see family names you thought were unique only to your immediate family.. names such as Orlo and Chauncy... and HURSH!