Sunday, November 18, 2007

Robert T Henry & James "Jeff" Murty

Robert Tyler Henry and James "Jeff" Murty married Thomas sisters. Robert Henry was born 21 August 1856 in Brattleboro, VT. He died 30, June 1928 in Merrill, WI. He married Emily Ann Thomas, daughter of William J Thomas and his wife Mary Elizabeth Williams on 9 September 1885 at the residence of Love Hughes in Chicago. He worked as a mason & plasterer in Wild Rose. They had 5 children, Guy, Carson, Ira, Otis plus one who died young.

James "Jeff" Murty was born 22 June 1860 in the Town of Mt. Morris and was a twin of Robert Murty. Michael and Eliza (Blow) Murty were his parents. Jeff died 24 August 1936 in the Town of Rose. He married Maggie Thomas, daughter of William J and Mary Elizabeth (Williams) Thomas were the on 29 April 1888 in Wautoma. Jeff was a farmer and he and his brother owned an early threshing machine. Jeff and Maggie were the parents of Rodney, Maty, Florence, Leo, Esther, Alice and a baby that died young.

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